Atlanta, Georgia  >>

Atlanta, Georgia  >>>

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Marietta, Georgia
1812 Powder Springs, Suite 1103
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Phone: (478) 258-7676

IT Staffing Services in Atlanta:

The services we offer to our partners in Atlanta include…

  • Temp
  • Temp-to-Hire
  • Full-Time & Part-Time Contract
  • Direct Hire (Full-Time Permanent)
  • Guarantee Replacement

Our Story in Atlanta:

Our Atlanta, Georgia practice at Myticas Consulting, services the fast-growing and dynamic Technology sector in the Southeastern United States.  As a leading growth market with numerous IT incubators as well as established companies, Atlanta and the surrounding region is an exciting, competitive, and thriving technology hub.  Myticas is well positioned to leverage our seasoned recruiting team as well as our off-shore resources to deliver best of breed talent within budget.

Industry sectors within the Southeastern US region Myticas specializes in, include multi-tiered telecom organizations, enterprise software organizations, aerospace, financial institutions and a multitude of National Government departments.