The Myticas Recruiting Model

The standard recruiting model today is far more complex and competitive than it has ever been. Myticas Consulting recognizes that we need to move quickly and adapt to the ever changing methods to access and source qualified candidates.

To that end, our strict internal recruiting model is simple, but yet very effective; and therefore the components will “ebb and flow” with the respective niche requirements. Our dedicated and tailored model consists of 4 distinct areas:

  • Research Team
  • Qualification Team
  • Interview Team
  • Selection Team

In terms of sources, we tailor those to the specific requirements at hand. Yes – we do have a very strong and established proprietary database of highly qualified candidates, but in today’s market, staffing firms cannot simply rely on that as the only source of delivery!

Our team here at Myticas is extremely well versed and established in the use of specific on-line tools and user groups within our areas of expertise. We do not subscribe to a “post a job and hope for results” approach, that simply utilizes job boards in a very reactive way. In fact in most cases, our clients demand more than just generalist resources, so our recruiting model requires that we devise a specific search criteria and strategy to research, screen, qualify, and deliver only the best candidates every time.