Headhunting and Executive Recruitment Services

Looking for talent you can count on?

At Myticas Consulting, our focus and specialty is in headhunting.

We work directly with you to tailor a custom search and retain solution that fits all shapes and sizes of an organization.

With our growing expertise in executive recruitment, we offer cost effective all-around staffing solutions to adapt to constantly changing environments and requirements.

Strategic Headhunting and Workforce Solutions

Are you experiencing retention issues?

Myticas has Managed Staffing Provider (MSP), Vendor On Premise/On-Site (VOP) and Single Source Management (SSM) programs that offer your organization an all encompassed big-picture solution.

If you're in need to proactively recruit a game-changing Executive, Project Manager, Procurement Director or similar. Let our experienced team take on the challenge to deliver exactly what is it your environment needs and nothing less!

The Staffing Services We Offer!


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Executive Search

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