Our Recruiting Experience

Myticas' Recruiting Experience...

The founders of Myticas Consulting are comprised of an experienced group of executives, that have spent several years building up both local and national level IT staffing solutions to small, medium and large organizations.

The most recent news for the brand, was the acquisition from a leading North American recruitment organization, Qualified Staffing.

To illustrate the confidence in our IT staffing delivery capability, the founders of this organization have extensive experience establishing and maintaining premier partner status, with numerous multi-nationals throughout major cities in the North American regions.

The founders of Myticas have a proven track record, having delivered well over 2500 IT professionals across multiple industry sectors. Our success stems from the continuous resourcing quality that is brought to our Fortune 100 to Fortune 500 partnerships, within both the private and public sectors.

Those industry partnerships include large system integrators, international management consulting firms, multi-national telecommunication organizations, enterprise software companies, large aerospace sectors, and financial institutions.

As proud as we are to say this, Myticas Consulting has been recently selected as a Tier 1 preferred IT staffing vendor with several of our large enterprise partnerships, and continue to grow with them to this day.

Those partnerships continue to initiate new engagements, implementations, and ongoing support projects on a daily basis.