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How to Land the IT Job of Your Dreams in 2019

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Do you find yourself moving from one IT job to another? Maybe you’ve yet to find an employer that fully appreciates your input and potential. Or maybe you’re simply looking for an organization that will grow your flame quickest.

Whatever your reason for looking for a job, finding the best one can be a daunting task.

The reality of landing into that dream organization can only be realized through smart, steady, and persistent effort. You need to wear the employer's shoes to understand their expectations.

Make 2019 the year you get your career on track with these tips and tricks.

IT Job 2019

Advance Your Analytics Skills

Data and analytic skills go hand in hand. They have become standard competencies for IT jobs. The IT industry is aggressively working to become analytically driven. Do you think your CV stands a chance in 2019 if it lacks data fluency?

IT industry is looking for employees with skills to turn information into actionable insights. You’re likely to be asked to describe a situation where you used the data provided to understand a situation. expertise.

Network Through Social Media

With IT companies scouting for top talents in 2019, organizations are now using social media as a recruitment tool.

Through social media, you can learn the culture and values of the organization you hope to join. This knowledge will provide a competitive edge when it comes to the interview.

Think Outside the Box When Creating a CV

Treat your CV as a professional pitch and not a social media status update. This means you must keep your application free from social media acronyms, chat abbreviations, and slang. Don’t stretch the truth, either.

Talk yourself up without making unfounded claims about your skills.

Ensure you turn in a professionally written CV. This CV should contain all the information your employer expects to see.

You can even have a video resume. Your video should avoid meaningless phrases and provide examples instead of making claims. This would be an awesome way to stand out. It's a bit of a risk, but sometimes risks like that can pay off!

Upskill in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Many organizations are focused on developing an AI-integrated workforce. You need to understand AI landscape. Learn how AI is relevant to your job description. AI can evolve your contribution to your department.

Look for opportunities to improve your AI competency. Mention how AI can be used to boost productivity and how you’re skilled to perform your job alongside AI.

Get Used to Video Interviews

So many hiring managers in the IT industry don’t have time for traditional face-to-face interviews. In 2019, many hiring managers are asking for a 60 or 90-second video about a specific area of interest.

The managers demand very specific answers for such content. For instance, they will ask, “Describe a time when you have been a team leader,” or, “Talk me through a recent challenge in which your creativity solved the problem.”

The aim of these short video interviews is to gain an understanding of your core competencies. These videos will help the hiring manager in deciding if you are the right fit or not.

Ensure Your CV Is Optimized for Algorithm Screening

If you want your CV to get past the shortlist stage, you have to optimize it. How can you optimize your CV? Pepper your CV with keywords relevant to your IT job.

Describe your achievements, using the standard format that contains the content AI will recognize. Don’t use job titles that can’t be identified by an algorithm.

Land IT Job 2019

Provide Proof

Don’t give unsubstantiated claims. All your claims should be accompanied by supporting documents. Give evidence to prove you did your previous jobs well and you deserve a new opportunity.

Add examples and success metrics to your CV. For instance, instead of writing, “I am innovative”, consider writing, “I designed and delivered a unique online consultation system that reduced service time by 20 percent in the first 4 months.”

Demonstrate Your Prowess

Considering the increased technological dynamic and the apace nature of today’s world of technology, employers don’t wish to gamble. They are looking for candidates who can think strategically.

These candidates can make greater value out of the trending opportunities.

You need to use examples in your application to demonstrate your prowess. Talk about new technologies, the latest trends, and the future of IT.

Use this conversation to develop approaches or solutions that you think will enable the organization to attain its objectives.

Say Something Punchy About Yourself

Landing that dream job isn’t just about having the right skills. Sometimes the winning punch is a compelling personal story.

Having something unique to say about yourself makes you memorable. You need to develop a personal brand that will make you stand out.

A personal brand, in this case, describes how you want to be seen by your employer. Start by analyzing your core strengths and weaknesses. This will define your passions and purpose.

Once you have nailed down your personal brand, you can now come up with something memorable about yourself that will make you stand out during interviews.

Try Applying for Jobs That Aren’t Listed

Why are you only applying for jobs that are listed? If your dream job is not listed, just send your application anyway.

Don’t be surprised when they reply and request you to join them when a new job is available. They may also refer you to a similar position that is open at a sister company.

The point is to get out of your comfort zone. Take chances. If you shy away from taking risks, you still have a long way to go. You will become your own hero if your ‘crazy idea’ lands you that dream job.

How About Creating Your Own IT Job?

If it’s becoming difficult to find the IT job of your dreams, why don’t you start your own IT firm? Sometimes, you have all it takes to create a dream job for yourself.

Starting your own business will not only give you the money you need but also comes with freedom and flexibility. You just need to come up with a concrete plan, set goals, and most important, know yourself.

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